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Inspiring the next generation of STEM leaders.

Schooly is an online tutoring platform offering 1:1 lessons for students in KS3, GCSE, and A-levels.

We specialise in Science, English, and Maths, connecting students with qualified STEM teachers worldwide.

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Why Schooly?

At Schooly, we are committed to nurturing a lasting passion for science and maths.
Our global platform connects students with qualified teachers for interactive online lessons.
Through cutting-edge technology and personalised learning tools, we not only support exam success but also inspire further academic pursuits.
With our exclusive team of qualified teachers and a dedication to student growth, we're shaping the future of STEM education, one exceptional lesson at a time

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Collaborative whiteboard

Dive into dynamic lessons with our interactive whiteboard, where you can collaborate seamlessly with your tutor and utilise a variety of features. Explore interactive maths and science tools, graph plotting, and language support, tailoring your learning journey to suit your needs perfectly.

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Engaging Content Sharing

Dive into captivating lessons by easily sharing documents, presentations, and videos, making learning fun and enjoyable for you!

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Endless Learning Resources

Revisit classes and save valuable content. Accessible anytime, anywhere, this feature allows you to review past lessons, ensuring continuity in your learning journey and facilitating easy revision whenever you need it.

What truly sets us apart is our AI learning assistant Owly.ai

Schooly is more than just an online learning platform. Alongside 1:1 tutoring, we provide students with customised resources derived from extensive lessons.

These resources facilitate review, practice, and collaboration with peers.Our premium feature offers personalised learning assistants, extending support beyond scheduled sessions with teachers. Our virtual learning assistant empowers students to craft personalised learning experiences, enriching their understanding with interactive tools like flashcards and quizzes.

While we utilise technology to enhance learning, our primary focus is on delivering real-life sessions with teachers, ensuring every student receives the attention they need to thrive.

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Subjects we Teach


Schooly offers Mathematics for students aged 11-18 (KS3-GCSE-A-Level). Maths covers a wide range of topics, including algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, and statistics. View Tutors


Schooly offers Chemistry for students aged 11-18 ( (KS3-GCSE-A-Level). Chemistry includes atomic structure, chemical reactions, periodicity, and organic chemistry. View Tutors


Schooly offers Physics for students aged 11-18 (KS3-GCSE-A-Level). Physics covers a wide range of topics, including mechanics, electricity, magnetism, waves, and thermodynamics. View Tutors


Schooly offers Biology for students aged 11-18 (KS3-GCSE-A-Level). Biology covers a wide range of topics, including cell biology, genetics, evolution, and ecology. View Tutors

Computer Science

Schooly offers Computer Science for students aged 11-18 (KS3-GCSE-A-Level). Maths covers a wide range of topics, including algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, and statistics. View Tutors


Schooly offers English (Literature & Language) for students aged 11-18 (KS3-GCSE-A-Level). English covers reading comprehension, writing skills, grammar, and analysis of literature. View Tutors



Enriching Your Learning Experience

Tutor Marketplace

At Schooly, we believe in the power of shared knowledge. That’s why we’ve created the Marketplace - a dynamic platform where teachers can trade their learning materials.

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Owly AI - Your Learning Buddy

The perfect learning buddy to help you revise tutoring sessions using quizzes, flashcards, and other materials.

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